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Bad Dreams at Dreamworks
Havanna Nights
Movie Wednesday (17-11-04
Those Women
Filmfannl Blog
Friday, 26 November 2004
Cuba La Vida Loca
Mood:  not sure
Topic: Havanna Nights

Hey isn't that Patrick Swayze? And he still looks HOT at his age. Oh, and I see, Sela Ward, great actress too. But sorry Sela and Patrick, you're not able to save the movie from becomming a 'flop'.
Where is the Cuban feeling I had when I watched the first Dirty Dancing? WHY in heaven's name did we need a Dirty Dancing 2?
Even the young enthousiastic sexy guy, swinging his way around the movie with his oh so silly US girlfriend can't do it for me.
There is no passion, there is hardly any real Cuban music. The movie made me sweat, (the theater had no AC) and I rather sweat from dancing in the street with Summer Carnival in Rotterdam each year....
6 points, but only cause I hope someday I will be in Cuba.

Posted by filmfannl at 10:22 PM
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Monday, 22 November 2004
To Be (Kid) or Not To Be (Kid)
Topic: Bad Dreams at Dreamworks
They dream a lot at Dreamworks do they!? I mean, they dream about steeling away the audience and the cash from Disney and Pixar, but it has become bad dream.
They had Shrek, and it was fun the first time I saw it. The second time it got boring, and the 3rd time I watched it it was not funny anymore. When my friend wanted me to watch it for the 4th time I ran away screaming.

Then we got Shrek 2. Oh me, oh my. I don't even want to talk about it, it has been a trauma, and I probably never recover. At the movie stock exchange they already talk about Shrek 3 and 4. Can someone PLEASE tell them to erase the guy?

Ofcourse, there is that Darn Cat in Shrek 2. HE deserves his own movie. For sure. Who can resist such begging eyes?

For the rest, Dreamworks comes up with a kind of copy from the latest release of Disney/Pixar, so it wouldn't surprise me if they invent some superheroes and maniacs for their next 3-D animated movie.The name Shark Tale somehow sounds like Shark Bait and that's what this movie is about. The caracters are like they come right out of Nemo, just with a disguise in colors painfull for the eyes so you won't know where they are copied from. The whole story about a vegetarian shark is NOT funny, and my friend was snoring so loud after a while that I told him to go to home and to bed. I would try to keep my eyes open to be able to vote on the imdb.

Thank heaven for the whalewash. As a whale lover (especially spermwhales) I got my share of fun, and that saved the movie ending with 1 point.
4 Points for the Whalewash. That's all.

Posted by filmfannl at 7:43 PM
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The dead are walking.
Mood:  irritated
You don't believe me? But I tell you, they really do. I have seen it myself. They walk for about 94 minutes. And that's about it.

Was Resident Evil at times scary and shocking, all surprises have gone, and Resident Evil 2 (Apocalypse) is therefore boring. We even get a churchscene again, and I felt I was watching a alternative version of Resident Evil nr.1.

My irritation level got quite high with these actors talking with funny accents, what I hate in American movies, but don't expect in a French movie.
Far to many flashbacks, and at times I thought, "shall I leave"?Oh, yeah, the dead keep walking, I mean, they got paid for it, so that's what they do. Life after death for them? I don't know, or maybe I hope not. I think I won't survive a Resident Evil Trilogy!

OKay then, 6 points cause they gave some death guys a job. That keeps them of the street. And ofcourse, you have Mila, she's cool. Cool enough for the points.

Posted by filmfannl at 7:22 PM
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Sunday, 21 November 2004
Talk about My Girl (18-11-04)
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Those Women
It's time for Nicole again. Don't worry girl, you can't do any wrong with me. I am not nto women, but you are the most sexiest female in the universe for sure, and you keep making great movies.

Well, I mean, I will accept even the worst performance, as long as you keep acting and going strong. So I won't share the low ratings at imdb others gave you for this movie......

My dear Bette Midler, I prefer you when you are a bit bitchy, and you became much to brave to much to soon, a Stepford wive. As for my other favorite, Glenn. Oh, what facial expressions can to to you....
Ahum, anyway, it is inner beauty that counts, ain't it?

My sweet Nicole made me laugh or smile at times, and it prooves to me you can do anything.
Be it drama, thriller or comedy, you perform well!
Kisses to you!
The only problem with Stepford Wives is that you are out in the street again within a short time. The movie is to short. Well, I guess, I just have to buy the DVD and watch it over and over again.

Hmm, 10 out of 10. (yeah, I know, I am NicoleCrazy).

Posted by filmfannl at 9:51 PM
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Incredible ?
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Movie Wednesday (17-11-04
Going to the cinema in Indonesia is never a pleasure. It is impossible to buy tickets early, and when a movie blockbuster is coming, you have to spend hours or even a full day waiting to get your tickets.
So better bring a full meal, a big bottle of coke, and prepare yourself for heath, tired feet and frustrations.
So the best to do when you watch a movie on the first day, is to choose a theater with a leaking roof (Galaxy), screaming sound (no dolby) and just be happy that most seats are available and you don't have to wait for hours.

Incredible or not, that's the question. The kids I took with me to watch the movie (8 and 11) didn't like it. They said it was not funny, and they didn't understand most of the conversations between the caracters. They prefered playing with Mr Incredible they just got at Mac.

For me it was also a bit dissapointing. Not much humor, and it all feels so empty. Where are the people? I mean, you have a bunch of caracters, but even in the office you hardly see people behind their desks.
Pixar did a great job creating 'humans' in 3-D something that failed so far.
And the movie keeps you glued to your chair till the end. And yet, I have that empty feeling I didn't have when I watched Nemo. So, I went for another meal and settled for a mr Incredible since they didn't have my favorite FROZONE.

Rating 8 out of 10

Posted by filmfannl at 9:01 PM
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