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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Welcome to Theater Tuschinski !

I know, most of you love to watch your favorite movies at home, over and over again on video, or if already available, on DVD with all the specials added on one, two or tree little discs.
However, nothing is more exiting than to watch 'Lord of the Rings' in a theater, on a BIG screen, with all the sound effects.
Nothing is more scary than to watch 'The Birds' in the dark, holding your lovers hand. And some theaters, they are just great, even without watching a movie.

Mr Abraham Tuschinski

One of the most daring projects ever!
Just imagine, building a theater in 1922 for almost 5 milion guilders (!) almost unthinkable even in the 60-ies in Holland!
But that's what Tuschinski did. An invitation to escape to the USA (being from Polish-Jewish origin) he remained in Holland, and tried to live his dreams.
His theater, a mix between life performances, and silent movies with organmusic still remains, Tuschinski himself got betrayed and arrested by the Germans. He died in the concentration camps. 


The cinema of Tuschinski is often used for Premieres in the Netherlands. The red carpet has been laid out for International Stars as well as Dutch celebrities.
Watching a movie in this theater is a real adventure, and when you walk through the foyer, the halls, go up the stairs or enter one of the theaters you feel as if you are back in time. The rich decorations, all in art-deco and jugendstill style are colorfull, and a pleasure for the eye.
Entering the big theatre is also breath-taking. and the seats are great.
At times they even play silent movies like they used to do with someone playing the theatre organ!
And if there is not a movie of your choice, the theatre offers guided tours, to tell you more about the history of the building, the designers, artists who worked on the paintings, the carpet, the lamps and wall decorations.
So, even if you are not a moviefan, you have to visit the theatre and see for yourself!

Theatre 1, the place for Dutch Premieres

As for other theaters, I don't really haven't been to many very impressive ones. Especially the modern ones lack architectural design, nice decorations, and mostly they all look the same.
However, the smaller theaters where they use to show World Cinema instead of Hollywood Block Busters are mostly cosy and often have a lot of extra's since they are created especially for the moviebuffs. Lots of pictures, movie magazines, small cafe's, NO commercials or breaks, and great movies.
That's where I saw most of my favorite movies like Himalaya and Festen. The filmtheaters are also the place where you see movies from Japan, Russia, France, Greece, Denmark or Indonesia which you would never see in a regular Cinema.
The bigger commercial theaters are okay though when you see a movie like Lord of the Rings.

Tickets for the Premiere of LOTR, London

What is about watching a movie in the theater that is so different from watching at home? Well, first of all, you have something to keep, like a memory. Tickets, a free magazine or postcards, pictures in your mind of holding hands together in the dark.....
Through a Dutch music magazine I once won tickets for the Dutch Premiere of The Rose with Bette Middler. I still have them somewhere in a box...
Many theaters like those in Holland, offer free magazines. So while waiting you can read about upcoming movies, your favorite actors, and all for free.
Since the introduction of the so called Free-cards, there have been many cards for movies too. In Belgium they always gave you a small folder with information about the present movies, as well as upcoming releases, movie times, etc.
Going to the theater also means that you can take photo's with your favorite movie display, maybe buy movie posters (like in the movie theater in Den Haag), and enjoy a cup of coffee without having to make it yourself first.
But ofcourse, some people prefer to watch at home, not the least because of the high prices sometimes....

Movie magazine

Okay, the IMDB is one of the best places at the moment to get your basic information, but nevertheless, movie magazines are still the number one source of information. Besides, internet can you give you graphics, information and so on, But they don't give you a poster for free, postcards, bookmarks, and other stuff that you will find in your favorite movie magazine!
Beside that, a magazine in Holland will give you information about Dutch movies, and a magazine in Indonesia also about Indonesian movies. Something the internet movie database hardly gives you. I have tried to upload Indonesian movies for 2004 and after 6 months they still can't be found in the database. So, movie magazines can't be missed!