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The Dutch

I love Holland, but I am ashamed to say that Dutch cinema, especially after the 50'ies, didn't bring much good stuff.
Oh, yes, we have won several Oscars, but most Dutch movies are known for sex, bad language and so.
Nevertheless, there are some gems, some great actresses and filmmakers, and I would like to introduce some of them to you.


Trouble in the band....

Fanfare, masterpiece by Bert Haanstra. A comedy that never bores you, no matter how often you watch it.

A Fanfare (Brassband) wants to win the first price at a concours, but dark clouds arrive and the band splits into two groups, each prepairing for the event.

Friends become foes, and stuborn as they can be, they try to outwit each other, and tricks are played to keep each other from going. Set in the little village of Giethoorn, the Venice of The Netherlands (all transportation goes over water!), it is the ideal place for a comedy such as The Netherlands never had seen and never will see again.

Fanfare, the best Dutch comedy ever


The glory and shame of Holland

I have been travelling around the world and have been to more than 21 countries so far. What surprised and shocked me most was that everywhere they always ask me the meaning of a certain word in Dutch, actually a curse. I refuse them to explain and tell them never to use it again. When I ask them where they know this word from they always tell me "from Dutch movies".
The shame of Holland. Dutch writers for movies seem to have a lack of knowledge of their own language, so they prefer to fill the text up with cursing everywhere possible. Foreigners pick it up because it is used so often and I must say, in several cases I left the Dutch cinema when a movie already within the first 5 minutes came with such words. And that's more than once, believe me.....
Sex and faul language is what most Dutch movies are known for. No wonder they hardly get attention outside Holland. Turks Fruit is probably the most famous for this. A combination of sex and faul language for over one and a half hour. Still many see it as the 'best movie' ever made in Holland....

With Turks Fruit started the disaster...

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