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The end of 2008 is near, and so I have updated my top performers... From a top 40 I went to a top 75 since I have seen so many DVD's with old movies that it was not fair that so many had to be left out.
Big changes? Not really. A new number one in the actor's list, Errol Flynn. Johnny Depp (8) and Daniel Craig (18) have prooved me that they are great actors and are new, just like a few Asian actors who deserve more credit (23, 40, 57, 58). The ladies list: Nicole already for 3 years on number 1, Una has reached the top 10 (6) and so did Romy Schneider (8). Rachel Weisz straight for the first time into the top 10 (9). Remarkable... Alice Krige was so impressive to me in Silent Hill (2006) that just based on that role she entered my top.


1-16. This year, the number one spot finally taken over by my all time favorite actor Errol Flynn (1909-1959). Some call him a rascal, others a dandy, some see his as the eternal Robin Hood, and for me he is just the actor who has flair, style, the looks, the voice, the moustache or just about everything....
Ofcourse, I love The Adventures of Robin Hood, but he shines as much in classics like The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, Captain Blood and The Prince and the Pauper.
He was only 50 when he died, but for me in many ways, not the least through his movies, he is still alive.


2-1. The first two years, Sir Ian McKellen (*25-05-'39) was my number one. Amazing as Gandalf, a real villain as Magneto. Actually there is almost no film in which he plays that doesn't get an extra touch of magic when he participates. However, with his role in and his comments about The Da Vinci Code, he lost a lot of respect from me.
Even though I am looking forward to him playing Gandalf again in The Hobbit, I will always keep looking at hime with a different feeling.
Despite all that, he is one of the heroes of the white screen who deserves all our respect. With reason they named him "Sir" in the UK!


3-5 Jim Broadbent (*24-05-'49) is one of those actors from the U.K. that at first seem to go unnoticed. Maybe it was Fools and Horses (tv series) that made me notice him at first, but ever since he played the great Harold Zidler in my favorite movie Moulin Rouge!, he got the chance to pick the right movies to join. From Iris to The Gangs of New York, he leaves a deep impression behind of someone who can do wonderful things with different characters.

I keep following his career with great interest, although I think he deserves even bigger roles than he already has done. Well, playing a King in the upcoming Young Victoria (2009) and a president, Richard Nixon in the upcoming Dirty Tricks (2010) might be "big" enough...


4-10. Geoffrey Rush (*06-07-'51) is an Australian actor that makes sure that you don't forget "Down Under", although he is in good company these days with people like Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.
I think his face tells it all. And he got the 'men' to play! Marquis de Sade (Quills), Leon Trotsky (Frida), Barbossa (Pirates of the Carribean). I wish I could see him life on stage some day, instead of on the white screen. That might be a dream for ever, but I am sure he will be fantastic! I am already looking forward to "Bran Nue Dae" (2009) in which he will play Father Benedictus!


5-2 Christopher Lee (*27-05-'22). Some will see him forever ONLY as Dracula. For me he is the BEST Dracula, but I am not standing still.
Saruman in the LOTR trilogy, Count Dooku in Star Wars, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in the TV movie about the life of John Paul II or Sherlock Holmes: one by one they deserved Oscar Nominations (if it depended on me ofcourse...).
76 Now, but I am glad he is still going strong. He is one of those actors who will die during their work I guess. 3 movies in post-production, one filming, and one in production. We will see him shine in the Darkness of the theater for a long time to come. Luckely!


6-4 Yul Brynner (1920-1985) will surely been known to almost every movie fan as the King in "The King and I" or as the pharao Rameses, in the Ten Commandments. The time of movies with huge crowds of figurants, a time during which westerns were sort of romantic, idealistic about cowboys and indians, people longed for glamour after the dark years of the Second World War.


7-7 Rupert Everett (*29-05-59). You may judge this guy on his good looks...
but I love the way he is himself all the way, when playing in My Best Friend's Wedding. His roles in An Ideal Husband, The Madness of King George, The Importance of being Earnest and A Mid Summer Night's Dream makes him very typically Brittish. A gentleman. Love the accent.


8-NW Johnny Depp (*09-06-'63). Only one year younger than me, and still it took a long time for me to apreceate the talent of mr. Johnny Depp. I have no idea why, maybe just because I didn't get to watch many movies in which he played, but for Edward Scissorhands. Then I watched Chocolate, and I was all focussed on Judi Dench in the movie, so I hardly put my eye on him. That only started changing after I watched From Hell in 2001, and right after that I couldn't ignore him anymore cause he conquered seas and theaters as Jack Sparrow the next year.

Still, I think Sweeney Todd is even better than Jack Sparrow. It will take some time again before we see him again as Sparrow, which is good. It gives him a chance to show more of his multi talent as an actor. The Mad Hatter in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" sure a role fit to the guy!


9-12 Stanley Tucci (*11-11-'60) was unforgettable as Richard Cross in "Murder One". It was an amazing television serie that is now on my "to buy list" since the series has been released on DVD by now.
Not only Stanley, but all the actors and actresses made the chills go down your spine while watching episode by episode and it remains one of the best series ever.
But, it must be said, Stanley is also doing well on the bigger screen. And most recently I enjoyed him playing Nigel in "The Devil Wears Prada".


10-9 Tora (Danang) Sudiro (*10-07-'73) is for many people outside Indonesia un unkown actor. I had the privilege to live in Indonesia for 7 years, and during those years I enjoyed his "coming out" in the movie Arisan!, which was quite something for Indonesia where gay people are still discriminated. Even though not gay himself, he did not mind to bring this into the spotlight of the harsh Indonesian society, and I think the cast did a great job all together.

In 'Xtravaganza' from Trans TV he played all kind of silly characters, and showed that he is also a great comedian. Still wanted for many movies and tv-shows, he is one of those few that will escape the narrow world of his own country and act himself unto the world stage, like Christine Hakim once did. Oh, and ofcourse, he is soooo cute...and those lips...



1-1. Nicole Kidman (*27-06-'67) got the attention of the audiences with Far and Away & Portrait of a Lady. I actually discovered her in Moulin Rouge, and after that started to watch her old movies and all her new projects. The Hours, The Others, Moulin Rouge, Dogville, Cold Mountain, The Human Stain are one-by-one masterpieces of the talented Nicole. She is daring in her choices, proven Bewitched and Fur.
Born in the USA, her parents moved back to Australia, where the family originally came from, and thanks to that, Nicole has become the best EXPORT product of Australia ever! Nicole is still on number one for the second year!


2-2. Helen Mirren, grand lady (*26-07-'45) grand actress. She has such a great style! Maybe it is typical Brittish, I don't know. In general I prefer these 'Brittons' above the Americans. And that includes Brittish comedies and drama's. Anyway, Helen has proven her talent ever since she stepped on stage, and found her way to television and the white screen. She impressed many with her role in Prime Suspect as DCI Jane. But also with her roles in The Madness of King George and Gosford Park. She received the title Dame from Her Majesty the Queen of England. And finally, she received her well deserved Oscar, for the Queen. For the second year on number 2!


3-8. Dame Julie Andrews (*01-10-'35) hardly needs any introduction. This multitalented star conquered the hearts of the world audience with her roles in Mary Poppins, the Sound of Music, and Thoroughly Modern Milly. Her voice is loved by millions, and she is the darling of many movie lovers. The Sound of Music was the first movie I ever saw with my parents at a party of the local fire brigade. I have seen it a hundred of times ever since, and still not tired of watching it. But even though she has reached the age of the strong, she is still working, sometimes doing voice-overs for animated features, sometimes acting like in the Princess Diaries. Up 5 places.


4-6. Dame Judi Dench (*09-12-'34) IS another Grande Dame of the white screen. When she enters the scene, you're silent, and just follow every move she makes. Her brilliant performances in Iris, Shakespeare in Love, can be short or long, but they are of extreme high standards. Dignity, style, class, knowledge, the ultimate performer. But I prefer her most in Shakespeare, or at least in such grandeuse costumes. One of her trademarks has become her role as M in James Bond. Up two places this year.


5-3. Judy Garland (10-06-1922/22-06-1969)... Such a talented actress, such a difficult life. I can imagine that it isn't everything to be a 'star'. Not to mention today with all the paparazzi, all the lies and gossip. Am glad that I am not famous...
Eternaly conected with the Wizard of Oz but also with Meet Me in St.Louis. A Star is Born, Easter Parade and Judgement at Nuremberg are highly apreceated movies. A life to short.


6-21. Una O'Connor. (23-10-1880/4-2-1959) If the name doesn't ring a bell right away, I think it does when I say "The Adventures of Robin Hood" in which she played Bess. Not everyone is charmed by her acting, but I love her because I think she is one of the best character actresses. She had something mysterious, and it made her the perfect one to play in the Bride of Frankenstein. Up 15 places.


7-10. Glenn Close (*19-03-'47). I will Never Ever forget the moment at the end of Dangerous Liaisons where she tries to hold her head up high, but almost faint. Her evil deads finally have reached the ears of society and her own mind, and the result is terrible. I was so impressed, so moved also by this great ability to act that way, that I had to wait a while to undergo such emotions again and watch the movie for a second time. When people who do their work, whatever they do, with such creatvity, such talent they definately deserve an Oscar. Well, she got a nomination at least for it, but should have gotten the statue. Beside drama, I like her performance in 101 Dalmatians as well as in The Stepford Wives. One of the more recent memorable appearances was in The Chumscrubber. Up 3 places.


8-38. Romy Schneider (23-9-1938/29-5-1982) Sissi is the name that will always be connected with Romy Schneider. The trilogy kept millions of people breathless while watching television or cinema. And though she did many other great movies, including Les Choses de la vie,Plein Soleil, Ludwig and Victoria in Dover, she has always been the Empress of cinema.
Her life was filled with tragedy, especially inthe last years when she lost her dearly beloved son. But she is always in my memory, and should have been in my top 10 last year. Well, it's never to late. A place in my top 10, (up 28 places) cause you deserve it Romy.


9-New. Rachel Weisz (7-3-1971) Another actress from England who has done well the recent years. The first time I noticed Rachel was when I watched The Mummy. Not yet impressed, but then came Enemy at the Gates, About a boy, Runaway Jury, The Constant Gardener, and even just her voice in Eragon. She is new on my list, cause she have won my respect for all her work. Welcome to the top 10!


10-14. Cate Blanchett (14-5-1969) It was Cate or it was Bette Davis who would enter the top 10. It was Cate who made it, mainly because of her recent Oscar nomination for Notes on a Scandal. Not fair, I know, Bette isn't making any movies anymore... she passed away in 1989.
But Cate has also proven her qualities, in Elizabeth, An Ideal Husband, The Talented mr. Ripley, The Lord of the Rings, Heaven, Bable and The Good German. 4 places up for Cate, and I think she will move on this year to get even higher in the top!

The other 65:
11-03 Sir John Gielgud
12-08 Paul Bethany
13-11 Ralph Fiennes
14-13 Ewan McGregor
15-14 Alan Cumming
16-17 Gael Garcia Bernal
17-20 Orlando Bloom
18-Nw Daniel Craig
19-18  Vincent Price
20-21  Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy
21-22  Rupert Graves
22-25  Joseph Fiennes
23-Nw Jin-Hee Ji
24-26  Kevin Kline
25-33 Won Bin
26-28  Robin Williams
27-15  Malcolm McDowell
28-23  Djimoun Hounsou
29-29  Hrithik Roshnan
30-31  Sir Alec Guiness
31-27  Tony Leung
32-32  Sir Anthony Hopkins
33-19  Joaquin Phoenix
34-24  Giovanni Ribisi
35-34  Peter O'Toole
36-35  Christopher Plummer  
37-36  David Hyde Pierce
38-40  Tenzin Tashi
39-43  Edward Norton
40-Her Surya Saputra
41-30  Stephen Fry
42-42  Takeshi Kaneshiro
43-44  Yuya Yagira  
44-39  Johan Kaart
45-45  Ken Watanabe
46-37  Marty Feldman
47-41  Leslie Cheung
48-46  Toshiro Mifune
49-48  Charles Chaplin
50-Her Keanu Reeves
51-50  Banlop Lomnoi
52-Her Christian Slater
53-49  Karlheinz Bohm
54-38  Gene Wilder
55-Her Denzel Washington
56-Her Ulrich Thomsen
57-Nw Jamyang Nyima
58-Nw  Ye Liu
59-06  Patrick Stewart
60-47  Jeroen Krabbe
61-Nw  Kabir Bedi
62-Her  Amitabh Bachchan
63-Nw  Christian Bale
64-Nw  John Hurt
65-Nw  Jake Gyllenhaal
66-Her Eliah Wood
67-Her Ian Holm
68-Nw  Adrien Brody
69-Her Seth Green
70-Her Billy Boyd
71-Nw  James McAvoy
72-Her Jamie Bell
73-Nw  John Cusack
74-Her Gary Oldman
75-Nw  Lee Evans

The other 65 :
11-11  Bette Davis
12-17  Meryl Streep
13-13  Gwyneth Paltrow
14-18  Audrey Hepburn
15-15  Michelle Pfeiffer
16-39  Fanny Ardant
17-New Zhang Ziyi
18-New Lucille Ball
19-19  Ellen Vogel
20-22  Elizabeth Taylor
21-New Natalie Portman
22-New Penelope Cruz 
23-27  Susan Sarandon
24-23  Lauren Bacall
25-25  Shirley Temple
26-33  Kajol
27-50  Jodie Foster
28-45  Drew Barrymore  
29- 7  Julianne Moore
30- 4   Maggie Smith  
31- 5  Miranda Richardson
32-20  Patricia Clarkson
33-32  Bernadette Peters
34-36  Mae West
35-New Queen Latifah
36-31  Johanna Lumley
37-New Josephine Baker
38-New  Tilda Swilton
39-New  Angela Lansbury
40-28  Kathy Bates
41-35  Gong Li
42-48  Barbara Streisand
43-47  Renee Zellweger
44-44  Famke Janssen
45-New Joan Crawford
46-New Doris Day
47-43  Diane Keaton
48-37  Hanna Schygulla
49-26  Angelica Huston
50-42  Monique VandeVen
51-29  Christine Hakim
52-49  Rachel Maryam
53-New Kirsten Dunst
54-New Helena Bonham Carter
55-New Yeong-ae Lee
56-New  Alice Krige
57-New  Elisabeth Versluys
58-New  Georgette Hagedoorn
59-New  Mary Tyler Moore
60-New  Salma Hayek
61-Re    Jaya Bhaduri
62-New  Michelle Mercier
63-New  Jeong-su Park
64-New  Maggie Cheung
65-Re    Patricia Routledge
66-Re    Jean Marsh
67-Re    Milla Jovovich
68-New Joan Chen
69-New Lhakpa Tsamchoe
70-New Setsuko Hara
71-Re   Riek Schagen
72-Re   Andrea Domburg
73-Re   Sophia Loren
74-New Olivia de Havilland
75-New Claudette Colbert